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Custom Cutting & Processing

Montana Beef
Our Montana beef selection includes fresh whole, half, front quarter, or hind quarter of beef. Our beef is bought from local area ranchers, slaughtered at a local USDA plant, brought to our facility and aged prior to cutting. The aging process allows for more tender and flavorful cuts of meat. The beef is custom cut to your specifications and wrapped in freezer wrap for optimal freshness.

Montana Hog
Our Montana hog selection includes fresh whole and half hogs. Our hogs are bought from local area ranchers and slaughtered locally. Once at our facility, the hogs are then custom cut to your specification and wrapped in freezer wrap for optimal freshness. Smoking of the hams and bacons are included in the processing. We can also provide our own homemade breakfast link sausage instead bulk breakfast sausage.

BBQ Hogs (perfect for BBQ’s, family reunions, receptions, you name it)
Our BBQ Hogs can make your next event a big hit. They are BBQ spit/grill ready and are seasoned with our unique recipe and tied for the grill. We can even stuff them with one our homemade sausages, boneless pork loins, and anything else you might want to feast on.

We feature two varieties of BBQ hogs. The first is a whole bone-in BBQ hog. The second is a whole boneless BBQ hog. For this one our meat cutters remove all the back, rib, and leg bones from the hog. It gets stuffed, seasoned, and tied the same way. But once cooked, you don’t have to worry about carving around the bones since we took care of that step for you. Either way you are in for a delicious treat.

Custom Processing
We specialize in custom processing of Beef, Hogs, Lamb, and Buffalo. So if you prefer to raise your own livestock or purchase from another supplier, our professional meat cutters can process your livestock when you are ready. We can arrange slaughtering and delivery at a local USDA plant, or can receive your livestock directly at our facility once it is slaughtered. Your meat is always kept separate and processed to the same high standards as our own. We cut and wrap to your specifications and can answer any questions you might have.