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ATTENTION HUNTERS: Last day to drop off Wild Game is Friday Dec 1st. We will resume Wild Game Processing on January 22nd, 2018.

Wild Game

Wild Game Processing and Sausage Kitchen

Completely cleaned before processing. Cut and wrapped to your specifications. Your meat kept separate for all cutting and grinding orders. What’s yours stays yours. Prices based on hanging weight.

All Wild Game orders require a $50 deposit per animal/order.

All Wild Game (cut, wrapped, all bones removed) 75¢ per lb.

  • Double Wrap 15¢ per lb.
  • Vac Pac Product 25¢ per lb.
  • Cube Steaks 30¢ per lb.
  • Add our Special Seasoning to Steaks and/or Roasts 55¢ per lb.

Grinding 70¢ per lb.
Grind and Wrap 80¢ per lb.
Cube and Wrap 75¢ per lb.

Skinning (we keep the hide) Deer/Antelope $20.00
Skinning (we keep the hide) Elk $30.00 and up

Minimum Cutting Charge (Deer/Antelope) $60.00
Minimum Cutting Charge (Elk/Moose) $95.00

De-bone Charge for sausage processing (Deer/Antelope) $35.00
De-bone Charge for sausage processing (Elk/Moose) $50.00

* Animals not properly dressed out will be charged an additional cleaning charge of $30.00. Above prices based on hanging weight.

** Sausage meat must meet minimum batch size to be kept separate.

In a hurry? We can do your order in three days or less for an additional 30% Special Handling Charge.

We also Ship FedEx. Click here for Rates

* We reserve the right to refuse any trim not properly frozen, wrapped or dirty. Treating your venison with care will yield a high quality product. When bringing in trim for sausage, no fat, hair or bloodshot pieces are acceptable. All game must be tagged with proper Montana hunting license.

* All prices subject to change without notice.

Featuring the finest and tastiest sausage in the State of Montana! 

All sausage prices based on finished weights. All our smoked and stuffed fresh sausages including salami and snack sticks are vacuum sealed for freshness. Our bulk fresh sausages are packaged in 1lb sealed bags. Pork is added to all of our sausages. Sausage orders require a 100 lb batch minimum order for meat to be kept separate. All game must be tagged with proper Montana hunting license.

  • Breakfast Sausage $2.40 lb.
  • Breakfast Link Sausage $2.90 lb.
  • Fresh Bratwurst $2.75 lb.
  • Fresh Italian $2.75 lb.
  • Fresh Bulk Italian $2.60 lb.
Fresh German $2.75 lb.
Hot Beer Sausage $2.90 lb.
  • Smoked German $2.90 lb.
  • Cheddarwurst $3.15 lb.
Kielbasa $2.90 lb.
Cheese Kielbasa $3.15 lb.
  • Jalapeño Kielbasa $3.15 lb.
  • Jalapeño & Cheese Kielbasa $3.30 lb.
Polish $2.90 lb.
  • Skinless Hot Dogs $3.15 lb.
Salami $2.70 lb.
  • Cheese Salami $2.95 lb.
  • Jalapeño Salami $2.95 lb.
 Jalapeño & Cheese Salami $3.20 lb.
  • Summer Sausage $2.70 lb.
  • Custom Smoke Sausage/Other 80¢ lb.
  • Stuff into Hog Casings $1.00 lb.

Great Tasting Ready to Eat Snack Sticks. Choose From:

  • Pepperoni Sticks $4.30 lb.
  • Snack Sticks $4.30 lb.
  • Sweet & Spicy Sticks $4.30 lb.
  • Teriyaki Snack Sticks $4.30 lb.
  • Pepperjack Pepperoni Sticks $4.55 lb.

We can add cheese or jalapeños to any of our sausages for 25¢ per pound per item extra. We carry spices, casings and boneless pork for the Do-It-Yourself Sausage Makers.